The Question of Telecommuting

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So Yahoo! employees will no longer be permitted to work remotely, and the decision was made by a CEO who is both a woman and a mother.

Happy International Women's Day!

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As someone who grew up believing I could do anything and then hit the workplace realities that block many women, I find great joy in helping companies worldwide make women a higher priority.

Help Women Opt In

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More mothers want full-time employment, according to a new report from Pew Research Center.

These women represent a valuable and potentially vast talent pool.  In 2010, more than 10 million with children under 18 were not in the labor force, according to research reported by Catalyst.  Many are highly skilled with the potential to be a valuable asset to an organization.

Ebola Accountability: From “My Bad” to “My Worst”

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Ebola's arrival in the U.S. might have prompted the kind of strong action worthy of the most powerful nation on earth.  Instead, it revealed bureaucratic incompetence that has left one man dead, two nurses infected, and the public walking around in fear of an epidemic.  First, a Texas hospital missed what seemed like an obvious diagnosis and sent home a patient with Ebola.  Then two nurses became infected, including one who flew commercially after showing symptoms.  More than a month after President Obama said in a video message on stopping the disease that "we know how to do it," the CDC was still "wrapping up final details" on guidelines that might protect U.S. healthcare workers treating patients with the virus.

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