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On my mind today is the most valuable career asset anyone can have: a strong network. Networking is probably the single most critical tool for career development, yet many of us spend so much time doing our jobs that we neglect our networks. But the minutes you spend networking will advance your career faster than extra hours at your desk, and the holiday season is networking prime time.

As the season peaks, reconnect with people you haven't seen in years. Pick up the phone or send a card to say hello. If you're too pressed to add even a single phone call or email to your holiday schedule, reach out in early January with wishes for a Happy New Year. And look for ways to do for others, even through something as simple as having coffee with someone who needs advice.

On that note, please consider JBK Associates part of your personal network. Let us know how you're doing and how we can help by posting your thoughts, tips, links, news or ideas on topics related to executive talent. May 2013 bring you new career opportunities and a new year filled with joy, good health, peace and prosperity.

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