Julia Kampf, Executive Talent Leader authors My Bad to My Best

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For anyone who’s looked in alarm at the indignities and mediocrities of contemporary business life, industry expert Julie B. Kampf offers companionship and cause for hope.

An executive talent leader who spends her days helping businesses build high-performance teams, Kampf knows all too well that many organizations today fail to deliver a quality customer experience.


With From My Bad to My Best, she shares her thoughts on why this happens with a clear-eyed tour of how declining standards are reshaping not only business but also every aspect of the culture—from the rise of rudeness, to the antics of celebrities and politicians, to the seemingly insurmountable challenge of completing an overnight trip without insult or embarrassment. She also suggests dozens of things that people who care can do to stand up for principles such as quality, integrity, and service.

Kampf does not envision an unachievable Utopia. Instead, she argues against giving up on excellence and makes the case for starting a conversation about how to do better by returning to the fundamentals in business and at home. Sometimes that can be as simple as acknowledging a mistake by saying “I’m sorry” rather than shrugging it off with “my bad.” In a world that moves faster and faster, Kampf shows the value of a principle that for more than a decade has guided her firm and her clients to profits: for all the technology that makes businesses more competitive, in the end, success is all about people.

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