Executive Search Firm Client Experience

Our Knowledge Is Yours

A complimentary and customized advisory counsel on pressing leadership issues.

JBK Associates International is a global executive search firm, however, in the ever-changing and competitive talent landscape, it is more than just search that our clients are seeking guidance on. Our goal is to support and be of counsel on issues that are facing companies around the world. Some of the questions we have been asked to advise on include but are not limited to:

  • Are we keeping pace on gender issues?
  • How do we attract people who can transform the organization?
  • What can we do to ensure that more women advance to senior roles?
  • How do we build a culture of diversity, inclusion and belonging?
  • How do changing demographics affect our succession planning?
  • What is the role of diversity of thought in a polarized environment?
  • How do we differentiate our organization in a turbulent talent marketplace?
  • What is the business case for investing in diversity and inclusion?
  • How do we strengthen our D&I initiatives?
  • What differentiates today’s leaders?
Offer you a deep dive into these key questions.
Gain insights into your industry’s
D & I best practices.
Review your current talent acquisition process from a holistic perspective.

"Connecting great leaders to great companies... Advancing the world together!"